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Recovery Trading

Next-Generation HVAC/R Recycling


HVAC recycling is subject to wide-ranging local, state, and federal laws and regulations. Before you dispose of your old HVAC equipment, be sure you consult a professional Certified Appliance Recycler. We’re Recovery Trading, and we’re here to help you achieve 100% compliance when disposing of your old HVAC equipment. Our processes meet or exceed all state, local, EPA, and DTSC guidelines, keeping you in compliance and helping you avoid hefty fines. Recovery Trading is a leading HVAC disposal Recycler, with practices that exceed applicable health and safety codes and ensure compliance. A new law controlling the recycling of discarded major appliance became effective Any company or Person can transport, deliver, or sell discarded major appliances to a scrap recycling facility, but, according to Health and Safety Code Section 25211-25214, the facility must be a certified appliance recycler.   (b) of Section 25211.2 , retain onsite records for 3 years demonstrating compliance.

Long Gone are the Days of Giving or Selling your company’s Liabilities to Uncertified Backyard Recyclers, Laws are changing for the better of the Environment together we can make a difference for generations to come. Don’t risk possibly incurring large fines. Stay compliant and receive Top Cash in the process. Your company — your reputation — is worth it!

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